9 Ball Knockout

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9 Ball Knockout is a fun and exciting billiards game where you can improve your pool skills. The main objective is to pot the 9th ball, but you can’t hit it directly at first. You need to pot the balls numbered 1 to 8 in order before going for the 9th ball. You can play against other players in online tournaments, making it a thrilling competition each time you play.

In this game, you need to carefully plan your shots and think about how the balls will bounce off the walls. The controls are simple: aim by dragging your mouse, pull back to set the power, and release to shoot. Winning requires a mix of strategy, skill, and a bit of luck. It’s a great way to practice and enjoy pool right from your computer.

Whether you are playing as a guest or have an account, the game offers a lot of fun. You can challenge yourself to beat other players and become the champion. It’s a game that combines the precision of billiards with the excitement of online multiplayer competition.

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